Friday, November 9, 2012

When He's Gone

My poem today is based on the prompt contributed by Sally Jadlow for Day 9 of Poem-a-Day.

Photo by Ana Matsusaki

When he’s gone, I’ll wonder
why he said that, but not the other,
the space inside my heart can’t endure
another hostage. He’ll pack me
in a suitcase, slip it under his arm, easy
as a sidecar, foot-steps owning
the ground they walk on, stepping
all over the diamonds
in my eyes. When he’s gone,
the madness inside will be
set free. If only he could be
gone without me.



  1. I want to read everything you've ever written and type a one-word comment at the end: WOW!

  2. That is one of the sweetest comments I've ever received. Thank you so much for making me smile. xo

  3. Well, it's true. I've just read your latest, 'Language Barriers', and I said it again. Even out loud. So, I'm going to create a new internet abbreviation: WOWOL! (Wow, out loud.) :) love you!

  4. LOL .. I like your new internet abbreviation!
    Thanks again for your support.
    Love you, too.