Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Resisting Arrest (A Poem for Day Twenty-One of PAD)

I've been writing on my own for this PAD challenge but thought I would post today. 

Here is the prompt for day twenty-oneFor today’s prompt, write a protest poem. These poems don’t have to be political (though that’s fine–just poem nicely). My 9-year-old protests taking showers every. single. time. A student may protest a grade, or a teacher may protest grading papers that don’t follow the instructions. That said, one fun way to attack this prompt may be to take a saying from a popular protest placard and make it the title of your poem (and then, write the poem).

Photo of toy on piano by Julia Freeman-Woolpert
Too Tired to Play

Resisting Arrest

Dog tracks line
the kitchen floor.
They smell of
blindness &
rotten teeth.
They lead to stains
of a future,
     buried, like her
cherished bone.

The dog rests
on the bedroom
floor, too tired
to make it to her
(death) bed,

too tired
to die today. 


Friday, November 2, 2018

Meet Me at Midnight (A Poem for Day Two of PAD)

I am participating in the November PAD Challenge, but I am not posting my poems everyday on my blog. 

For today, though, my poem is below.

Here is the prompt for day twoFor today’s prompt, write a darkest hour poem. Some people may think of midnight or the witching hour. Still others may picture those moments right before the sun starts gradually lighting up the sky. But the darkest hour could also be a moment in time that is psychological, metaphorical, or some-other-kind-of-cal. And remember the poem doesn’t have to be directly about your idea of the darkest hour; it could be set in it or refer to it.
Photo by Chris Randalls
Why Did We Wait?

Meet Me at Midnight

Waited all day,
every day,
for two or three
for your
to join you
in an exciting

was the day,
only it
was for
your burial,
no longer