Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Special Day Away - The Gentle Barn

On Friday I came down with a cold, which I don't normally let get in the way of my responsibilities. This time though, I decided to get some extra rest and step away from my stressors.

My son and I went to The Gentle Barn where we had a nice time connecting with the animals. He fed a turkey some vegan pie, supplied the horses with many carrots, and learned about the lives of these formerly abused animals.

One of the turkeys was so large that she couldn't hold her own body weight. The Gentle Barn staff explained that factory-farmed turkeys are "genetically modified," made to grow large at a fast rate, and meant to be slaughtered young. Since this one was saved from slaughter, her body kept growing until she couldn't walk anymore, so now she sits on a throne all day. At least she gets lots of love and attention.

Even the animals were smiling there...

Tomorrow is another day of poeming when I hope to write poems for Day 17, 18, and 19 of Poem-a-Day.

Have a nice week!


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