Monday, February 16, 2015

Things We Have Learned (a Poem)

Okay, so the word "Have" is missing from the art because I haven't found (or created) it yet. Also, as you will see I did not type up the punctuation exactly the way it shows on the art. 

Artwork and photo by Linda G Hatton
Things We Have Learned

Things We Have Learned

How one
her from the beautiful
life beyond
pulls off
the now thing.
The art of I
making the issue
From eye
to we to me.
into a thriving


After editing all day, it felt really nice to slap paint onto paper and cut up words with scissors. Aaaahhhh . . . good night.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Word and Photo Potpourri (a Collage Poem)

Life is busy. It's still easier to cut and paste. 

Art by Linda G Hatton
A Collage Poem

Hot & Cool

You are
on-the-go beauty
everyone loves
on the street.
You return passion to promise.
You guarantee
40 pages of decadent
secrets. You
my wet


Keeping it short tonight, so I can get back to my callings.