Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To See or Not To See

I looked at my daughter this morning and moments later, acknowledged that I must not really have seen her when I couldn’t recall what she was wearing. It’s not that my eyes weren’t functioning, but rather my brain had been preoccupied with something else.

How many times do we look at someone or something and refuse or are unable to perceive what we are viewing?

Maybe we don’t want to believe what our eyes tell us or are too busy to notice. Perhaps, as in my case this morning, we are just too preoccupied to take in the “now.”

This occurrence caused me to look back over times when I have seen “the truth,” but not wanted to believe it.

Vision is trustworthy when it is allowed to see.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Smooth Falling

By Jason Nelson

Sometimes life just flows so perfectly there is no question that the traveled path is the correct one. Let me explain …

Last night, I was on my way to a group meditation-type event. I was feeling a little nervous about sitting with a group of people I had never before met - and also about experiencing something foreign to me. Meditation is not unfamiliar, but this particular facilitator, I had never previously met.

Anyway, before I left, I had to run a quick errand and then on my way to the freeway, I had an impulse to stop at a local mini-market that I rarely shop at, to buy a snack or some mints. Truly, it was one of those, “Oh I want to stop there! Quick!” turns to get into the parking lot.

I ran inside, carefully calculating my time, glanced over the snack rack, and realized my neighbor was standing at the register; this was the same neighbor I ran into a week ago at a different store, so I was going to make a joke about “how we should stop meeting like this.”

Just as I approached him though, I heard him say, “What? Oh man! I don’t have enough!?”

Without hesitation, I asked him how much he needed.

“Ten cents,” he said.

I dug in my purse and gave him the needed dime. Now, mind you, I stepped up at exactly the moment that he needed that money.

Later, I noticed I was being tailgated due to driving the speed limit while searching for the building that the event was being held at. I looked ahead of me for a place to pull over to let the tailgater pass, and just as I did, found I had pulled over right in front of the building I was looking for.

Some things fall so easily into place. And some things … well, they do not. But that’s a subject for another blog post.

... (to be continued) ...