Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summertime Fun in Santa Monica

Aaawww . . .  I love summertime fun.

What are you all doing this summer?

This first week of summer vacation has been fun-filled and a busy week with friends. I have gotten very little writing done and finally told the kids yesterday that I had to buckle down and work. We had evening plans, so I didn’t feel so bad focusing on my screenplay for a few hours. I also got my final copy-edits back from my editor and need to go through my manuscript one last time.  The screenplay needs to be finished and polished by August to be ready for the NYU screenplay bank. My novel – well that’s in my own time, but I hope to be sending it out in September. That will allow me time to vacation this summer. I hope.

When evening came, we took the kids to see a Solstice Concert to benefit the Santa Monica Playhouse.  “The Italian Duo” is made up of flautist Giulia Matteucci and guitarist Saverio Rapezzi. Since Piper plays flute, we thought she would enjoy it. It was amusing watching both kids react to their musical talents. Piper was so impressed that she got Giulia’s autograph after the concert. I wish I had taken a photo of them together! Afterwards we walked down to Santa Monica Beach to enjoy the water and sunset.