Friday, November 16, 2012


This morning, I traded in my normally happy-go-lucky self for a sneezing, headache-ridden fool. The words, "I am trying to catch up," are spinning through my head (and life) lately. 

Below is my Poem-a-Day poem attempt for the Day 15 prompt contributed by Jared Davidavich

Photo by Andrzej Gdula

In a world where
everybody wants
something for nothing,
gets nothing
for something, built to be
broken, broken
to be bought
you hit him, he hits
you back, each measurement
calculated care-
fully, eye for
an eyeful, something
for something, never
something for
nothing. In this world
where there are tradeoffs,
never trade that
something within
for something
worth nothing when
there is no
something left, when
don’t matter
anymore, not to
the somethings, not
to the nothings.


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