Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Catch Up

The Day 17 prompt for Poem-a-Day, contributed by Maxie Steer, was to write a "How to (blank)" poem. Since I'm behind, this is what presented itself to me. 

Do Not Eat the Ding Dongs

Bang head on laptop, take
a few laps around the house,

chug coffee, imagine doing the plow
(knowing it would be impractical

to actually do it), pull jacket
around chilled body, turn up

thermostat, let dog outside, resist
homemade Ding Dongs, ignore

all phone calls from ding-a-lings, press buns
firmly into sofa, center laptop in place,

remove jacket, turn on “Liquid
Mind.” Breathe. Stop ignoring

barking dog, get up, let her in, curse
at distractions. Nest back down into

writing spot, embrace dog warmer at feet,
release irritation of being behind. Write.


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