Sunday, November 18, 2012

No Sweet Nothings - Day 16

I was working on this poem - writing and re-writing - and then my son decided to bring my essential oils reference guide in and read all about them to me, which got me a little sidetracked.

I will most likely continue to revise this piece, but to continue with the challenge, I am posting it as is for now. (See below.)

By the way, it is for the Poem-a-Day prompt contributed by Joseph Mills (Day 16), "Use the last line of yesterday’s poem for the first line of today’s poem."

My writing has been very repetitive these days, bringing me back to a time years ago when I often wrote like this.

Photo by Rick Sampson

To the nothings, she’s a blank, 
a nobody, a naught, her obliteration, 

a holiday, her emptiness pleases the wishes 
of the many, to the nothings she’s insignificant, 

a shutout, she’s worth nothing, 
she’s a zero, she’s a zilch, she’s a zip. 

To the nothings, she’s a nonbeing, 
a nonentity, nonexistent, 

to the nothings, she’s the thunder
scattering black clouds like seeds,

to the nothings who told her they loved 
her nose wrinkles when she smiled, 

to the nothings loitering in her bedroom, 
her eyelids flickering of deep sleep, 

to the nothings who rented out her apartment 
while she was away on holiday, to the nothings 

who washed their undergarments 
in her sacred space, to the nothings 

that slapped faith right on past her heart,
to the nothings that meant something, 

letting go of the nothings has become  
easier than holding on 

to nothing.


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