Sunday, June 29, 2014

Getting to Know Us (and Our Writing)

Welcome to the Virtual Blog Tour

I was asked by my friend Janet Rice Carnahan to participate in a virtual blog tour. The goal of this tour is for each participant to answer four questions that help the blogger to share insight into his or her creative process.

Janet has a way of capturing nature’s beauty through her photography and poetry. I always have a feeling of peacefulness when I visit her work. You may read Janet’s blog tour post at Hear Earth Heart

Janet Rice Carnahan was born into a fifth-generation family on the California coast.  She is inspired by the ocean and the ever changing tides of a big family, including a husband, two adult children, a son-in-law and one precious grandson; her love of water is her constant muse! Janet’s journeys have taken her to Lake Tahoe in Northern California; Lake Mead in Southern Nevada; Laguna Beach, California; Hawaii on the island of Kauai; and currently to La Jolla in Southern California. After a twenty-year career in early childhood education, earning a Master’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies, Janet continued developing interests in spirituality and metaphysics.  Photography and writingin particular poetryare her favorite mediums for expressing and exploring her various interests.  Her poetry has been published on several online poetry sites and in three anthologies with a cover photo and caption credit. Janet has self-published four poetry books that are highlighted on her web site, Hear Earth Heart, which includes her blog, Captured Moments.

* * * * *

Friday, June 27, 2014

Flipped over You

Next week I am participating in a blog tour, which means I will be posting about my writing process and about what projects I'm working on. For now, I leave you with a poem.

Photo by kruno knezevic
Good Books Stay in My Mind Forever

Flipped over You

You inscribed my sheets,
etched my flip-book, scrolled
through to my last page 
where you glanced outside
my edges, found a better
tale, wrote me off,
abandoned my signature,
took your best-selling smile,
smudged my untainted story
line, your inky footprints
left behind in my creases.

* * * * *

Monday, June 9, 2014

How to Get to Know Her

I have no other words.

photo by Ayhan YILDIZ
Let Love Fly

How to Get to Know Her

Survey tissue supplies. Offer
your sleeve for runny
(& breathing) expletives seeking asylum
in her deserted heart. Observe
runway and landing
for each aching tear. Soothe
facial scars 

with open-lipped kisses.
Tuck her in 

safe, with a grip
like you mean it. 
Don’t let her go
to her grave

your secrets.