Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Being Right

Well, the day got away from me. I took care of some Mouse Tales Press business and a little Wordsmith Studio business. 

Below is my first attempt for the day six poetry prompt contributed by Walt Wojtanik for Poem-a-Day. I hope to write another one or two later on today.

Photo by Bob Smith

She left a note saying
he was right, she was better

off without him. She left
out the important parts, how

much she loved him, how
she would never smile again, how

she would think about him every day
into forever. All of that didn’t matter,

she had to do what was right, let him go
to the left while she went

right. Years later, they discovered they
both should have gone right.



  1. Excellent, Linda. Love the flow, and all the right/left references here. Great take on the prompt. :)


  2. The cruelity of hindsight. Lovely poem, Linda. Thoughtful and tender.