Monday, November 26, 2012

Opposite. Girl. - Day 25 of Poem-a-Day

I'm posting a bit out of order for Poem-a-Day. I have poems written for Day 25 and Day 26, but not yet for Day 24. (Coming soon.)

My poem attempt for the Day 25 prompt by Cameron Mathews, write an opposite poem, is below.

Photo by Belovodchenko Anton

She plants periods
where commas
are meant to stretch
out, asks questions
with comments, laughs
with a frown.

She eats dessert
before dinner, wakes
after midnight to sip
burgundy wine, loves
to dine while draped
on the floor.

She’d wash gray
right into her hair
if she could, underline
her wrinkled skin, snub
any hint of yearning
to fit in.

She’ll nod yes
while whispering
no, yawn and say
she’s wide awake,
disengage her dreams
of sleep.

She’ll shovel fire onto cold,
wet sand, fill a boat with
water, bask in rainfall, hide
underneath gloomy umbrellas
in summer sun.

While the rest of the world
wants something, she wants
anything else. Striving firm
to stand out, she stands
alone, exposed,
outside herself.



  1. Yes. No wait: YES! "She'd wash gray / right into her hair" is perfect, Linda.

    1. LOL .. thank you, Richard! For a second I thought you were going opposite on me. ("Yes. No . . . ")