Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving and Littered - Two Poems

Day 20 is a "Two for Tuesday" - write a gathering poem and write a letting go poem. (Prompts contributed for Poem-a-Day by Sarah Bartlett.)

Photo by David Sinofksy


The Day

The great aggregation happens
once a year, human
fascination with
on the subject
of thankfulness,
instead of
to show no
need for greed.


The Day After

The day after giving
thanks for having
enough, millions
of food-stuffed
shoppers gather
at check-out stands,
their wallets
in exchange
for additional
items to give
thanks for
next year.



When nobody is looking,
memories drop from pockets
like papery leaves, creased with names,
dates, faces etched in pitchy
twists, falling, cradled on cold, hard
concrete, broken apart, wind
swept, elements of fairy tales,
novel recollections



  1. Linda, I love both these poems! The Thanksgiving/Black Friday poem feels like a long oxymoron. Ok, probably not the right word, but maybe you can understand. And I love Littered. “memories drop from pockets/like papery leaves, creased with names” so lovely. Sending the link to Chloe;she'd love to read these. :)

  2. Thank you so much for your nice words, Veronica! It warmed my heart when you said you were sending the link to Chloe. I appreciate your support. :-)