Friday, March 22, 2013

Baseball in the Springtime

When my son was younger, he played baseball for a few years until he moved on to soccer. I admit I was a little disappointed until I started understanding and eventually enjoying soccer. Now he's back to baseball and yes, I'm excited!

Really, it doesn't matter what he does. I like to watch him play or do anything. Isn't that just like a mom?

Anyway, I do now associate spring with baseball, so I have taken this photo, in response to the photo prompt (um, yes, written by yours truly) at Wordsmith Studio.

I have to admit, I do also love the excuse to eat. Break out the peanuts, sunflower seeds, and (veggie) hot dogs, too. Spring is in the air!


Monday, March 18, 2013

French Fries and Other Tragedies

Spilled French Fries with Ketchup
Bloody Fries

I tried to put this post up yesterday, but got distracted reading up on SEO. I didn't get very far with my research, getting pulled away to do "kid stuff," which is a-okay. I really did want to get this post up though. The picture was taken for a photo prompt over at Wordsmith Studio, "Take a Picture! - Yuck!" It was my son's suggestion for the title, "Bloody Fries."

Stepping back to Friday, I was at Disneyland for my son to attend a school tour with his class. After the tour, I told him I had to remember to take a photo of something gross. Well, you know boys and gross! He was into it. He found a disgusting pile on the ground that looked like partially-digested chicken gizzards. Unfortunately, the line we were in was moving faster than I could get my camera out, so I missed it. As we moved away, three little girls were leaning in, saying, "What is that?"

Then after my son's baseball game on Saturday, he found this pile of fries on the ground. It didn't make me say, "Gross" as much as some other things at the park (um, what about those honey buckets?), but I figured it was a more tasteful picture for my blog.

And now as I'm writing this, I realize "distracted" keeps coming up in my life. That must be the theme of my life lately; life as the mother of a teen and a tween, I suppose.

Just to fulfill the title of this post, I will say that the other tragedy besides these spilled fries is that I dropped my laptop this morning. I had just been thinking on my drive about how large my laptop is and wouldn't it be nice to have a smaller one. My manifestation skills were not at operating at full though, thankfully. After the nasty fall to the tiled floor, it booted up just fine.

Also, I seem to be dropping lots of things lately, including my son's frog Spot, when I was changing his frog water. On a side note, Spot is an immortal frog. With a life expectancy of 6 months to 1 year, he is now almost 3 years old.

If you got through reading this far, I will say I'm amazed. I'm at the mall waiting for my car, so my editing process is not as thorough with this post.

Anyway, I now must ask . . . what will you have for lunch today? Would you like some fries with your blood? Er, I mean ketchup.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Follow Your Dreams

Who's Driving Your Car?

Do your dreams ever make an impression on how you are living your life? I had one the other night that really made me think.

In it, I was parking my husband’s car, two cars behind the one I normally drive, a Jeep. I tapped the bumper of the car parked in front of me, sending my Jeep running off down the street. I got out and ran after it. It wasn’t going that fast, but I was amazed that it wasn’t damaging anything in its way.

When I reached it, it was resting at a standstill on a level street, as though it was waiting for me to climb inside.

In dreams, cars symbolize your life. So it would seem that I am not driving my own life. It is unmanned, driverless, and although it isn’t hurting anyone or anything in its path, it is traveling alone, without me at the wheel.

My life is being driven by my husband’s inconsistent work hours and the unpredictable schedules of my children. Furlough days, early dismissal days, baseball practice that is never at the same time from week to week.

I’m not complaining, mind you. I love everything they are and do.

I’ve learned to work around their schedules. I carry my Nook or projects with me wherever I go. I am never without a book or journal. I’m getting better at juggling. I never stop thinking about writing.

I do have plenty of weaknesses though. Organizational skills. Feeling guilty about taking an occasional Saturday class away from the kids. And more.

I’d really like to drive my own life rather than run after it in a frenzy, watching it roll away without me.

So it would seem that I’ve been internally "running" in my waking life, chasing after the life I’m “supposed” to be driving. I realize now, I can stop running. In my dream, it was when I walked calmly and in the direction I needed to go that I became the driver once again.

What about you? Whose “car” are you driving?


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