Monday, November 26, 2012

Flight - Day 26 of Poem-a-Day

Okay, in re-reading the Day 26 prompt, I realize I did not exactly follow it. No, I do not collect butterflies or any winged things - or have the desire to do so. Oops! (See below.) 

This one comes from Shann Palmer: "Write a poem about something you collect (or would collect if you could)."

Photo by Juliet Belasyse-Smith

She collected butterflies, any
thing with wings, bumblebees, dragon-
flies, geese, those that mated for a life
time, she longed to fly, spread
arms, soar into misty plane unknown
to un-winged creatures, eyelashes
fluttering as she imagined what one day
she would become, after life siphoned
the last bit of heavens from her hope, sending
her angelic dreams where she
could dance in the air to the beat
of her own ripples


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