Friday, November 30, 2012

Milked - Day 30 of Poem-a-Day

I am giddy! And my poem today shows it. Please don't take it seriously. I'm just being goofy. Why? Because today is the last day of the challenge. Well, sort of; I still have to put together my chapbook.

Anyway, the below poem is my attempt for Day 30 of Poem-a-Day. The prompt was contributed by Violet Nesdoly: "Write a milk poem. This could be about the moo-juice kind of milk. Or it could explore milk metaphorically, as in the expression “milk of human kindness.” Of course it could also be about the act of milking something. And no, it doesn’t have to be nourishing."

Photo by B S K

He sucked me dry, bamboozled
his way into my heart, did a number
on my many offerings of sustenance
for his soul. The double-crosser
scammed me out of all I had left to feed
the young, bilked my bosom, suckered
me with his puckered lips, bankrupt
my bust, left it in an empty crate
on the shaky front porch. To him,
I was just a milkman. To me, I was
the one who got milked.