Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Un(t)raveled - a Poem for Day Ten of PAD

Here is the prompt for day ten of the April PAD Challenge:

For today’s prompt, write a travel poem. Your poem can be about the process of traveling, planning to travel, vicariously traveling through television programs, or however else you’d like to take this prompt.

Photo by Linda G. Hatton
I Wear Color Now


I store you in a canvas shopping bag
on my bedroom floor. You, cut
and scattered—I tried to piece you
back together—stitch you,
fold you, situate you gently
inside my travel case,
but your odds
and ends
I could not

You’re a pattern
with lost pieces,
a garment
that’s become
quite a bore.
So, I leave you there
on my bedroom floor
to remember
who I don’t want
to wear anymore.