Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I Need Someone New in My Life - a Poem for Day Twelve of PAD

Here is the prompt for day twelve of the April PAD Challenge:

For today’s prompt, write a guilty poem. The poem can be written from the perspective of someone who is (or feels) guilty, or it can be about someone (or something) else that’s guilty. But guilty of what? Cheating on a test? Or a spouse? Or a diet? Only you know, and only your poem can reveal the truth.

Photo by Renee Choi
I'm Still Here

I Need Someone New in My Life

I’m off to build a new life story.

Scrubbed twenty years
of tears imbedded
in my wall-to-wall carpet
     Then ripped it out.

Torched forty-five years
of journal entries
in a backyard bonfire.
     Then grabbed an armful
     of binders at the Dollar Tree
     to pen forty-five years
     of new memories.

Dyed my hair.
     Chopped it off.

Crashed my car.
     Bought a scooter.

Donated my faded
to the county dump.
     Tattooed wings
    on my shoulder blades.

But later I caught myself
in that same old mirror and
though I looked distraught—
     not going to feel guilty—
I still saw me.


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