Sunday, April 2, 2017

Available in Paperback (Not Today) - Day Two of the April 2017 PAD Challenge

Okay, the first day is in the books, and it was a lot of fun. But we’ve got plenty of poeming left to go.
For today’s prompt, write a “not today” poem. Maybe it’s normal to give in to outside pressures, but not today. Or maybe you’re usually very disciplined in your health and wellness habits, but not today. Or maybe you struggle to write poems, but not today.
photo by Linda G. Hatton
He Envisioned His Unwritten Book on the Shelf

Available in Paperback (Not Today)

On sale! Cheap!
Seventy-five thousand words.
(Assembly required.)

There was a pile of words,
disassembled, trying to make
sense, pass along a message
in their mess.

The writer longed to call
the story written, but instead
became smitten with endless
editing and coffee addiction.