Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hiding Out in the Open - a Poem for Day Nineteen of PAD

Here is the prompt for day nineteen of the PAD challenge:

For today’s prompt, write a memory poem. Pick a memory, any memory. It can be a significant event, but sometimes there are beautiful insignificant moments (that ironically are very significant–quite the paradox). Mine your memories to come up with something good today.

Photo of Doorway by Linda G. Hatton
I'm Watching You through the Doorway

Hiding Out in the Open

She hoofed it up the front steps,
but I must have appeared
as a statue to her, immobile
in the burgundy chair,
staring her direction
out the picture window.
She cradled an iPad,
peered into the window
above me, then glanced
around for a sign of life,
finding none.
She rang the bell,
but I’d been instructed
not to open the door
to strangers. When
she got no answer,
she investigated the space
a little more—and then
pulled her hair clip off,
shook her tresses down
around her shoulders,
fluffed some tufts,
admired her reflection.
Then she headed
on her way
to another attempt
at human contact—
hers or someone else’s—
at the next stop.


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