Thursday, April 20, 2017

Saved by Stardust - a Poem for Day Eighteen of PAD

Here is the prompt for day eighteen of the April PAD Challenge:

Here are the two prompts for today:
  • Write a life poem. The poem could be about the miracle of life, the complexity of life, the game of Life, or anything else that means life for you. Or…
  • Write a death poem. For most organisms, life leads to death. So this should be as full of possibility as the life poem.

Photo by Linda G. Hatton
It Once Hung Near the Moon

Saved by Stardust

Life has been shooting
tests my way, threatening
my mobility,
emotional stability.
This morning I arose
to a fallen star
and a deceased
bee on my living
room floor. I reached
down to rescue
his carcass, give him
a proper burial,
but he crumbled under
my touch, turned
to dust. I couldn’t help
but wonder, did he fly
upwards to the sky
with such force
that he knocked
down that luminous
ball of gas for me
to catch, save
myself? Only,
I missed it—
lost in-
in my every-


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