Tuesday, April 18, 2017

No Rest at the Rest Home - a Poem for Day Seventeen of PAD

For today’s prompt, write a dance poem. The poem can be about the process of dancing or just somehow incorporate or reference dancing in the poem. There are so many styles of dance out there and even more occasions for dancing: school dances, daddy-daughter dances, wedding dances, people who dance when they are happy, people who dance when they are sad, people who dance in large groups, and those who dance alone. And, of course, there are so who just won’t dance for anything.

Photo of Boy in Sand by Linda G. Hatton
Dance Everywhere

No Rest at the Rest Home

For eighty-five years,
he showed his contempt
at those on dance floors,
until, confined to his couch,

he devoured
hour after hour of
So You Think
You Can Dance

The series came to a close,
leaving him inspired
to do the pony
and the pogo,
but everyone else
reflected he was near
his own end, so he’d lost
his chance
to boogie and bop.

To prove them all wrong,
he strained, he stretched,
he swayed side to side
in his de-
              composing sofa bed.
He then took my hand,
begged me to dance,
do the hitch hike
and the hornpipe,
and then
of universal 

by his side,
until he


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