Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mysterious Disappearance - a Poem for Day Eleven of the PAD Challenge

Yeah, I should have gone with the other prompt. I tried to write a sonnet. I've been tweaking and tweaking . . . and I'm tired. 

So even though it needs more tweaking, I'm sleeping before my body is tweaking. 

Here are the prompts for day eleven of the April PAD Challenge:
  • Write a sonnet. (Click here if you need a refresher on sonnets.) I know some folks will say a writing a form is not a prompt, but I often use forms to prompt me into poems. And I know that some folks will say they hate traditional forms. Soooo, the other prompt is to…
  • Write an anti-form poem. Write about your dislike of poetic forms. Let it all out.

Photo by Linda G. Hatton
He's Somewhere out There

Mysterious Disappearance

His face turned up on the six o’clock news,
his stolen yacht retrieved from Santa Cruz.
The only signs a struggle had ensued,
his dull pocket knife and torn bloodied shoes.

I’d overheard him tell his senile folks,
he’d rather live without me by his side.
I begged him to stay, yet he vowed to go—
crushed my frail heart, said I wasn’t his bride.

But then he went missing and I cried out
my eyes—I was convinced he'd surely died.
Though he’d wounded me, I still loved the lout.
I never wanted to see him graveside.

Now I wonder—was it all just a ruse
to dump me because he lacked an excuse?


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