Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Tin Box inside My Lingerie Drawer (Day Two of the PAD Challenge)

I had a strange day that started with a dream of being attacked by scorpions and then went on to my hearing a reference to the band the Scorpions after I woke up. I did a little research and came up with some interesting conclusions about the meaning of that reference. I planned on writing my poem about it. But my day didn't go as planned. 

So here I've been hiding in my room with my art supplies, trying to dig down to the heart of this prompt. I'm satisfied now. And relieved since it's only day two of the challenge, and too early to be struggling. With my focus on novel writing and editing this past year, I guess I'm out of practice.

"For today’s prompt, write a secret poem. The poem itself could be a secret, or it could be about keeping secrets or, I suppose, not keeping them. Or maybe it’s about a top secret project, or the poem is a riddle with some sort of secret meaning. Or, well, I’ll let you figure out how best to poem secretively."

Art and Poem by Linda G Hatton
Scribbled Meditation 

The Tin Box inside My Lingerie Drawer

having nothing to hide,
no tin box of unspoken words,
no love notes
thrown together
from being part
of something badass,
no love and lack
of sleep
inside the container,
promising that happiness is like
a kiss, but leaving pieces
so puzzled there’s no putting
them back together.
having nothing to hide.


I hope to get better about posting links here! Long day!



  1. I love this. :)

    1. What a nice surprise to see you here, De! Thank you so much.
      I will be stopping by your blog soon. I'm looking forward to that! xo

  2. This gets better with each read. I like the way you describe the contents of the box in a subtle, indirect way. Excellent, Linda, - :) mosk

    1. What a nice comment. Thank you so much, Mosk. :-)