Friday, April 3, 2015

The Mechanics of Change (a Poem for Day Three of PAD)

My poem for day three of PAD is below. 

It's been a long day. After another evening of scribbling through my blocked emotions, I came up with something my perfectionism would allow me to post, though I will probably make more changes later. (Note that the typed version is different than the photo version.)

"For today’s prompt, write a machine poem. A machine could be a car or a robot, obviously, but simple machines include levers, pulleys, and screws. There’s also 'machine learning' and 'deus ex machina.' But there are many other ways to come at this prompt as well."

Poem by Linda G Hatton
A Rough Draft Like Me

The Mechanics of Change
People like you are written. I leaf
through pages in search of your character.
Others are made from the heart
of antique lamps, lack of sleep,
drafts wafting through single
pane windows in this old house.
Expensive revolution repair
put ahead of new siding
and updated bathrooms,
character puttied inside
ancient plywood walls holding
whispers of love stories, hoping
these drafts will blow through
strong enlightened choices
to flutter your pages,
set you free.


  1. There is something just so powerful about this statement:

    "People like you are written."

    It starts there, and does not disappoint throughout. Excellent work here.