Monday, April 13, 2015

The Seamstress and Her Tailor (a Poem for Day Twelve of PAD)

The prompt for day twelve is to write a damage poem. My poem is below.

Photo by Linda G Hatton
You're Handy with a Needle

The Seamstress and Her Tailor

My scissor collection—
once hanging innocently
on the wall above where
we stitched our tears—
is now scattered throughout
this old house full
of neglected remnants.
My favorite pair now rests
carefully inside a utility
drawer like an ancient
 on display for
future textile patrons,
those that, like you, long
to touch, but deny
their impulses.
You threaded
all my spools.
You’re hazardous
to my materials now. 



  1. Great metaphor, surprisingly erotic. Excellent!

    1. I like how you described it. Hmm . . . erotic. Thank you!