Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Dare You to Love Me (a Poem for Day Eight of PAD)

My poem for today had a difficult birth. I am looking forward to an easier time with my writing tomorrow. 

The prompt for day eight of the PAD challenge:

For today’s prompt, write a dare poem. This poem could be written as a dare to someone. It could make a daring proclamation. It could involve a dare that someone has accepted…or refused. In a way, each day of this challenge is a dare to write a poem. Are you ready for the challenge?

Photo by Linda G Hatton
Feel My Sand between Your Toes

I Dare You to Love Me

Frame your hands 
where edge meets sky,
steal licks of salt
from sand and sea,
wrap a towel around my mother
of pearl, recline with me
in driftwood love seat,
sleep still in shades
of flesh and eye,
and dream.



  1. Loved this. Love you. Challenge accepted, Mosk

  2. Ha ha!! What a great comment. I have a big smile on my face now. Thank you. :-)