Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Summer That Never Ended (a Poem for Day Eleven of PAD)

The prompt for day eleven is to write a seasonal poem. 

Photo by abcdz2000
Parched September

The Summer That Never Ended

Los Angeles was once an earth
angel, but new research says
California is over.
Summertime is now twelve months
a year. One drop less a day has changed
everything—Joshua has grown
parched, no wet
for at least two state lines
away and grapes that shrank in the dry
cycle are raisins on the vine.
Hillsides are cracked
like over-boiled eggs, swimming
pools have become skate
parks, and we all want the wet shine
of terracotta stains to quench our lips,
bring back fall, winter, and spring,
while politicians hunt for a magical
plan to smooth it all away. 


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