Sunday, April 5, 2020

Space Girl

     In memoriam

We wafted on life
preservers in the middle
of Lake Washington
when the moon
sat high, teetering
on the edge of
a shelf ready to fall
into itself in the Cimmerian
sky. I traced the stars
of each of the Dippers,
remembering how we scooped
frozen dreams, just barely
two steps out of our teens.

     I still live
up to that handle
given me by my old dear friend
whose directional projections
now shine down from the origin
of that nickname
he loved to expound.
Out of reach, he now
safeguards me from above,
slightly less than 93
million miles away.

Photo of Space Halo by David Cowan
We Are Just Spaces Apart

For today’s prompt, write a space poem. Your poem could be about outer space or inner space. It could opine on the social spacing much of the world is currently doing. Or poets can write an ode to having the space to write or read or whatever. Honestly, I’ll be disappointed if there isn’t a Star Wars or Star Trek inspired poem today. Now, I’ll back off and give everyone plenty of space to write their poems today.

* * * 

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