Monday, April 6, 2020

His Name Was So and So

I wish I’d made a note
of all I wanted to remember
before my brain transformed into
a faulty trash compactor.
I couldn’t halt
the great revolt
of that rowdy teen
inside my brain
from disputing
first-class advice
to preserve my precious
(yet incomplete)
fancy-free highlights.
So now I lie awake
(to garner one last thrill)
attempting to recapture
those days
of wanton ways.

Oh, what was my truelove’s name
from nineteen-eighty-four?

Photo of blank journal by Warley Rossi
That Year's Journal is Blank

For today’s prompt, write a wish poem. The poem could be about making a wish or granting a wish. It could focus on the fallout from a wish granted or denied. Or think up a wishful scene to share in your poem.
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