Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Migraine’s His Name

He lugged his way
through the labyrinth
in pursuit of a trumpet,
but instead,
he thumped the drums,
disturbed my nerves.
If only he’d book
a gondola ride,
exit one of those
waxen Grand Canals,
take a vacation, relieve me
of the pain
of this overactive

Photo of Ear Word Art by Krystle Fleming
Through My Ear is the Only Way Out

For today’s prompt, write a trap poem. There are physical traps—like mouse traps and bear traps. But people also sometimes fall into language traps or social traps. Many competitive types in business and various games try to set traps for their competitors. Of course, for every person setting a trap, there’s likely another person trying to avoid falling into traps.

* * * 

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