Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Windstorm Illusions (a Poem for Day Twenty-Nine of PAD)

Hey, did you notice I skipped Day Twenty-Eight? I hope to get back to it, but for now, my Day Twenty-Nine poem is below. Only two left to write and I will have completed the challenge!

This one fits into the realism category, I suppose. It's what I see when I watch things flying around in the wind.

The prompt for Day Twenty-Nine of PAD:
  • Write a realism poem. A poem that is rooted in the real world. Or…
  • Write a magical poem. A poem that incorporates magical or fantastical elements.

Image by Christian Ferrari
Wind's Performance Is Captivating

Windstorm Illusions

Cardboard soars on lilting gusts
of dust made from departed friends,
            wings                  carrying
un-feathered                            short-billed
            crow across gasoline stream,
across the way where two paper bags
perform contact improvisation, butting edges
and then rolling along where stony-faced drivers
drop offspring off for a day of inclement weather,
            grasses                        dance
                        on hillside,
creating mirage of ocean waves, making life
in the desert an ever-moving symphony of sight


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