Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Will Your Last Shelter Look Like? (A Poem for Day Nine of PAD)

I'm keeping it simple tonight. Below is my poem for Day Nine of PAD.


"For today’s prompt, write a shelter poem. Shelter might be a structure like a house, apartment, or hotel. Shelter could be a tent or cardboard box. Shelter could be an umbrella, overpass, cave, or car. Shelter could be a state of mind, part of a money laundering scheme, or any number of interpretations."

Photo by Michael & Christa Richert
Where He Now Lives

The Niche

After he’s placed inside, the crowd gathers,
forming a half-circle, eyes shifted
downwards, feeling him overhead.
Behind them, a lone koi lifts its mouth 
above the water, sucking for air, sustenance.
A blond-haired child of five sobs quietly,
the acacia leaves rustling father’s last breath.


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