Friday, April 25, 2014

Secure My Rescue (a Poem for Day Twenty-Three of PAD)

To try to get out of my rut, I used anagram in this piece. If you don't know that that is, the definition from Poetry Foundation says, "A word spelled out by rearranging the letters of another word; for example, “The teacher gapes at the mounds of exam pages lying before her."

The Day Twenty-Three prompt for PAD:

For today’s prompt, write a location poem. Location could be physical–like the laundromat, a public park, a glacier, flying saucer, etc. Or location could be emotional, psychological, metaphysical, or some other kind of word that ends in -al. Or surprise everyone!

Photo by Maciek PELC
Rescue Me

Secure My Rescue

Speechless lives inside self-
control where silence bobs on dreary
surfaces lapping at your shores
                                one thousand miles away.
Stealing windjammer’s license
to play with grainy bits of sand
                                                 in the sound,
you sculpted granules into castles as I hovered
face down on superficial tongue, pushed
back and forth by windy signals, heard
marooned pirate’s torn purple flag flapping
in the wind, found a glinting veil of morning
fog to hide behind. Speechless lives
inside this ocean in my veins, pulsing, reserved,
reversed deserver, my floppy limbs caved over,
connected to you still, my love’s fortress demolished
                                              by an unsuspecting force
                                         the sea
                                    could not see




  1. I don't feel competent to judge the quality of poetry.....I just know what I like.....I really like the "Speechless lives" lines, both of them. I like the relationship between the ocean currents and the blood flowing. Very nice.

  2. Thank you so much, April! I appreciate the support!