Sunday, May 12, 2013

Obsession With Old Books

Last summer I was browsing in one of my favorite thrift stores in Seattle and came across a book in the glass case at the register. I wasn't sure I wanted to pay the $25 asking price, so I put a note inside my phone notepad with the intention of checking for it again later to see if the price had dropped.

But then I forgot to go back before leaving town.

Fast forward to Christmas when we were out shopping and looking for unusual items. I took my husband to this store where he looked around. He wound up buying that bookand later giving it to me as a gift.

He had no idea I had fallen in love with it six months before.

I guess the book was meant to be mine. When I flip through its fragile pages, I am in awe of the beauty inside.

The Child's Book of Fairy Tales - 1860 First Edition

It's a reminder to me that things that are meant to be together will eventually find their way to each other.

p/s This photo was taken for Rebecca Barray's book-themed photo prompt at Wordsmith Studio.



  1. Awesome, Linda! I love old books, too. Especially books with fairy tales. ;)

  2. Oh great prompt. What are the fairies discussing? Are they striking an accord with the elves? Is it the hobbits having a council to do eliminate all the fairies? So many possibilities.

    1. So many things to think about, Lauri! Thanks for stopping by.