Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chasing the Moon

I dreamt all morning that I was running with my son from a tornado. We were going to get into my car, but then I decided there wasn’t enough time for us to get away. Instead, I looked for something sturdy for us to hold onto.We wound up finding a hole in the ground to hide inside and I woke up before it hit.

Perhaps I have tornado mind; thoughts that jump around from one subject to the next. Or maybe it was the lullaby of Santa Ana winds that brought on my dream.

In any case, it helped get me back in tune with nature. I tried again this morning to get a photograph of the moon; was it the wind that blew it out of my reach this time?

The other night I was driving and the clouds shifted into what looked like a profile of a face with the moon in the eye position. By the time I pulled over, it was gone.

I like the way this shot lined up though. Can you say "Moon Man"?

Moon Becomes Man

Some people chase tornadoes,
I run after the moon, playing
hide-and-seek at twilight
with giant eyeball in the sky, he looks
down on me then hides behind ruffled
mountains, clouds dissipating from face
to eerie darkness. Days pass
and he thinks I have forgotten.
Yet morning routine brings me back
to his pursuit, a hint of that guy
hiding in the light, too many
missed shots until finally I catch
him, the man and his body, posing
just this once. I turn away
and he is gone again.


This photo was taken in response to Rebecca Barray's photo prompt.



  1. Great job, Linda! I like the pic, but LOVE the poem. Well done, you.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! (And for the inspiration, too!)

  2. Creative take on the prompt. A Playful Moon Man who hides. On the opposite spectrum, it reminds me of Judy Collin's song "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" which is the title of an old science fiction novel.

    1. Thank you, Janice. :-)
      (And what a great title that is!)