Monday, May 20, 2013

Look Deep Into My Eyes (And How Not to Judge a Book By Its Cover)

If eyes are the windows to our souls as the saying goes, are you letting your soul be seen? Or do you hide behind clothing and adornments, or even habitual body language, to protect yourself?

On the other hand, do you allow yourself to see past the exterior appearance into someone’s soul to get to know them as a person?

In my case, my coloboma makes my eyes so light sensitive that I am hardly without my sunglasses. (No, I don’t normally wear them indoors though.)

I came across this photo of my eyes while my son was finishing his science experiment last night.

My Coloboma Draws Strange Reactions
In case you're all wondering what a coloboma is, Genetics Home Reference states that, “Coloboma is an eye abnormality that occurs before birth. Colobomas are missing pieces of tissue in structures that form the eye. They may appear as notches or gaps in one of several parts of the eye, including the colored part of the eye called the iris; . . .”

Anyway, my son studied geodes to determine whether the outside color influences what the inside color of the crystals will be. During formation, a variety of minerals carried in water pass through the rock bubble. This process creates the crystals over time.

In the end, the life application for his experiment was that you can’t judge what color the inside crystals will be based on the outside color of the geode.

This life application was perfect timing.

Perhaps you cross paths with someone who looks different than you. Maybe they dress too conservatively or even too wild for your taste. Do you judge them by that appearance and cut yourself off from the opportunity to get to know them on the inside?

Do you hide your eyes from uncovering their truth as a person?

Imagine that their life experiences up until the time you met them are the minerals passing through their discomforting exterior.

On the outside you may feel they are bumpy and rough, but on the inside they may be full of amazing crystals, the hollow places surrounded by shades of purple, blue, some of them glowing in black light.

Take off your sunglasses, allow yourself to look through their windows, try to learn to appreciate the beauty inside.

Once you have done that, their exterior may become beautiful as well.  



  1. Yes, your eyes are interesting, Linda. I had not heard of coloboma. You are so right-on about our allowing the outside packaging to keep us from getting to know someone. And you are so right about once we know them, we can see their outside differently, too. We then see them with caring, interested eyes. It makes a world of difference.

  2. Thank you for visiting and for your nice words, Sabra! xo