Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When Writing Stinks

Yesterday was a hard day. Actually, no it was the past three days. Wait. It has been this whole past year. No, forget that. The past six years have been . . . emotional. No, no, no, it’s been longer than that. Well, you get the picture. Life is hard. Thankfully, it’s also fun.

I think of all that I have.

  • A family
  • Many friends
  • Part of two wonderful communities of writers
  • Books/Access to Learning
  • Decent enough health to get through each day
  • My computer and journals to write with
  • A house
  • A car
  • I could go on and on

For a few days there, I could not write. Actually, I was writing. It’s just that everything I wrote turned out like "doo-doo." I’ve had too many emotions rumbling around.

What did I do to get past it?

I wrote anyway, knowing that I’d most likely never send any of it out. Or maybe I could use bits of it later in new pieces. After that, I took my dog for a walk, hoping to tune into my surroundings for some inspiration. Then I did some reading.

Yesterday I was overwhelmed by the gracious comments on my poem at Curio Poetry. Check out this one: “I want a Linda Hat, so I can think thoughts like this and put these images onto paper. Bravo!”

Then last night I had a comforting dream visit from my dad. Today I seem to be back on track. Thank you for all of the positive energy.

Just curious. What do you do when your writing is “off”?

Carry on!




  1. that was a great comment you got! getting ready to send something there, too. hope i get the same! :)

    as for what i do, i just carry on with the rest of my life that i can't seem to keep up with when i'm writing. but honestly, i always have ideas. i just don't always have the time for writing.

  2. Hi Bolton, Good luck with your submission to Curio!
    Ideas weren't the problem. It was getting the ideas out onto paper that was the problem. I seem to be over the hump, at least for now.
    Thanks for reading and commenting. :-)

  3. That was a lovely comment. Comments, and people's kindness goes so far for me, don't you find that to be true? I always take them at their meaning and try not to devalue them, (like my silly brain is want to do). When I write I just write, you know, just get loads and loads of sentences down and eventually something sane comes from it. When I paint I flip the canvas/paper upside down and walk away. coming back gives me a fresh perspective on the work and reduces it to bare elements. Mistakes are easier to spot then. Do you ever send your stuff for someone to read and critique? I find that very hard to do but people tell me it helps them.

  4. Boy, do I feel ya on this. There are weeks where I am so sick of the sound of my own "voice" that I never want to clack another word.
    But here's the key to what you've said: "I was writing." Whether or not it's doo-doo, bad writing is so much better than no writing. And who knows, some of it may reappear, in word or thought or concept. Keep.Moving.Forward. You've demonstrated that so well here. We should all follow suit.