Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fun with Form Poetry

Photo by Dariusz Dembinski

My blog has been quiet. I know, I know. It has been on my mind.

As I juggle multiple projects with more jumping into the mix each day, my blog sits here staring at me, giving me a feeling I cannot ignore.

I do have several blog posts started. Instead, today I offer a poem written using a prompt from Poetic Bloomings. Please check out their website for rules of this poetry form known as the Blitz. Here is my attempt:

Trail your Soul

Hike up your skirt
Hike up a steep trail
Trail mix in your bag
Trail your friend
Friend your neighbor
Friend a stranger
Stranger than déjà vu
Stranger is better
Better than normal
Better than routine
Routine is boring
Routine can be meditation
Meditation soothes
Meditation brings peace
Peace of the soul
Peace of the mind
Mind full of nothing
Mind full of love
Love for good
Love even for bad
Bad isn’t always evil
Bad can break your heart
Heart has been worn down
Heart needs a hug
Hug me yesterday
Hug me today
Today tears took me aside
Today I breathe
Breathe the breaths of a lifetime
Breathe the emotion in
In your world I am invisible
In your mind I am gone
Gone to another plane
Gone away too soon
Soon I will be missed
Soon my words dissolved
Dissolved into the wind
Dissolved back into eraser dust
Dust to irritate the senses
Dust thrown to the trash
Trash me with your past
Trash my heart with silence
Silence is calming
Silence is music
Music to a heart in mourning
Music to calm my soul
Soul now trapped inside this life
Soul to be freed one day
Day will appear without warning
Life has been oh so loved

Actually this exercise brought back a blog post I read a while back written by Emily McGee at One Trailing Spouse. She records her funny and informative adventures trailing along with her work-traveling husband. Be sure to check it out!

And thanks for stopping by.


  • Having a grumpy day? I just found this old blog post reminding me of a day when I used my children's words to get us all out of the mood.
  • Another blog to visit when you're feeling grumpy, well, uh, because she's funny! Bolton Carley on Wordpress.



  1. you can't go wrong with a poem starting out with hike up your skirt! and i'd hug you yesterday and today for being so sweet!

    i've never done a blitz poem, but it looks challenging. your poem is fabulous - as are you! :)

    1. Bolton, There you go making me laugh again, funny lady!
      Thanks for reading (and commenting). xo

  2. That's a really cool prompt! I wish I were still teaching, I would try it out with my students. It could be a good way to practice vocabulary too.
    I'm trying to predict which words/lines reminded you of my post. My obvious guess is the word hiking, but there are plenty of possibilities.

    1. Yeah, I guess it was just "trail" and "hike." I had those images in my mind when I wrote it, which made me remember your post.
      That is a good prompt. I was sort of in my head in the first half, but able to let it go in the second half.
      Thanks for reading (and commenting). :-)

  3. I love that prompt. I'm a big fan of unexpected connections. And I echo Bolton, when you begin with hiking up your know you are in for a romp.