Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Visits and Creepy Poetry

Well, they’re up to their old tricks again. It’s getting comical at this point. Maybe they’re sending signals because it’s “All Hallows' Eve.” Ah, you know who I mean, don’t you? Yes, it’s them again.

I was driving with my son yesterday and at the stop light, I noticed a license plate on the car in front of me with the birth date of an ex-boyfriend on it; that would be the day, month, and year. (An ex-boyfriend that is still alive, mind you.)

Huh. Interesting.

When I looked at a second car, I noticed it had the word “hug” on it.

Then I looked at a third car where I saw the name of a different ex, and a fourth car that had a word significant to all of this on its license plate. (To protect the names of the innocent, I won’t go into detail here.)

That’s four cars at one stop light; a first time that has happened.

I let it dissipate from my mind, but then on the drive home with my daughter today, I noticed the name of a game my dad used to enjoy playing on the license plate in front of me. That car drove away and the next car said, “Luv,” on it.

Seriously, I think all of these people I’ve lost over the past six or so years are having fun with me, trying to remind me on a day when I’m feeling blue – blue about the state of the world, about the weather, and other personal issues that mean nothing compared to the big picture - that I am actually thought of.

At least by them.

I will leave this Halloween post with a “creepy” poem, written using a prompt from Poetic Asides:


Shadowy man moves
me to sleeplessness, in the morning
just a picture
where it’s always been,
to the floor, hazy hand


  1. Ooooo. That "hazy hand" haunts, Linda. Well done.
    Don't you just love weird eerie coincidence moments like those license plates? Hugs, my friend.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, de. (And for the hugs, too!)