Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Visit from Dad

On my way to get Miles a quickie dinner after soccer practice the other day, I was thinking of my dad and how much I missed him. We have been having a challenging year and I guess I was having a moment of, “I want my daddy!”

After I ordered our food, I pulled up and looked up at the license in front of me.

Dad was there.

Among the two end numbers (that made sense in another way), sat Dad’s birth date. Funny the car it was on was called an “Odyssey.”

I’m grateful for the signals he sends me letting me know he is still here.


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  1. I love when we get these signs from our loved ones who have passed. It's proof that they are with us - our guardian angels watching over us.

  2. Definitely.
    Thanks for reading, Ginny.