Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yes! Day Five of National Novel Writing Month!

As I look ahead to the next few days, I feel a little nervous.

I volunteer in my son’s classroom each Thursday. Tomorrow, my kids have a minimum day at school and then it’s the weekend. So there’s that little bit of ego-voiced doubt, “Will I be able to reach my writing goal each day?”

Yes, I will! ((gulp))

I started out this year’s National Novel Writing Month limping along and then finally caught up; I’m now at 7,511 words. That’s a little beyond my goal so I have a little room on the other days to slow down. I’m quite shocked, actually, that it’s been somewhat easy to reach this point.

Anyway, I have to leave for 2nd grade soon, so I’d better say goodbye to my blog and hello again to NaNoWriMo.

Oops, before I forget. I thought I would recommend the below book even though I haven’t read it. The reviews convince me that it would be worth the time to read.

Happy Writing!

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