Friday, November 6, 2009

Vomit is No Excuse for Not Writing!

Neither are rearranged schedules, your children’s guitar lessons, or having to volunteer with 2nd graders. Or for that matter, neither are laptops that choose to crash repeatedly. When the computer misbehaves, there’s always paper and pens. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

I was planning on attending a local write-in last night at Borders Books. But then several things stood in my way (and gee, can you guess what they were?), so I wound up not making it to the meeting. However, it doesn’t mean I gave up on my writing. I managed to pump out enough words to stay on track and here I am, on the brink of another new day beginning, and another 1,500 words needing to be written.

Thank goodness I haven’t suffered yet from the dreaded writer’s block during this year’s NaNoWriMo. Well, at least not yet.

When writer’s block strikes, what do you do? Come on, you can tell me. I surf the web, of course, and here are some cool sites I found in my moments of distraction:

Language is a Virus – While I can’t comment on the books they have for sale because I haven’t read them, there are some fun features on this site. Not only are the photos cool, but from the home page, click on the “Writing Games” link to find everything from a Character Name Generator to a Cut Up Machine to a Title-o-Matic.

If you need practice writing without thinking, visit One Word. Not only is it a pint-sized distraction from your writer’s block, it helps to encourage thinking outside the box. Click on “go” and then you are given a mere 60 seconds to write about the word posted on the next page; it’s just plain fun. And after 60 seconds, maybe you will be re-energized enough to carry on with your National Novel Writing Month project.

Oh, oh, oh, but wait! Don’t go yet! I have to tell you about this little gem before you go. I was very excited when I found this book, which offers an idea different from any others I’ve heard before. When writer’s block strikes, use the following guide along with your Tarot deck to help shape your characters.

Okay, now get back to work!  :-)

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