Monday, November 2, 2009

National Novel Writing Month! The Mad Race is On!

Last year, long before November arrived, I knew I was going to start and finish National Novel Writing Month. The story line simply popped into my head one day and I managed to write the entire tale even though, upon completion, it needed major editing.

After finishing the rough draft, a friend of mine who was enrolled in an editing program, jokingly asked if she could edit my book. Wow! Talk about synchronicity! Of course I said yes! So now, one year later, my book is nearly a finished draft.

As soon as November 2009 was in sight, I resisted the urge to panic.

What can I write about, I wondered, my dilemma becoming more frantic as each October day crept by. I looked through old notebooks. I hoped for a prophetic dream. I searched the Internet for story prompts. Nothing came; but still I couldn’t give up.

And now, it’s November 2 and I’m barely putting a story together.

So what do you think? Can I do this? Am I crazy to even try now that November 3 is only two hours away?

Hmmm ... if nothing else, I can share my NaNoWriMo adventures here. And by the way, if you're registered with National Novel Writing Month, feel free to visit me there.

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  1. you know you can do this! i know it. you will, will, will! come on! do i need to give you a swift kick in your nano? nano nano! shuzbutt.