Wednesday, November 4, 2009

National Novel Writing Month – Day Four!

So I made good progress on my novel yesterday. I’m relieved that I made up for lost time and am nearing the 6,000 word mark. That’s what happens when I focus instead of distracting myself with Halloween candy, walking the dog, and playing on Facebook. Well, okay, I did play on Facebook a little.  :-)

I’m having a dilemma though. I wanted to write a book geared towards teenagers. When I told my daughter the story line, she liked my idea and even asked me if the main character was a teenager. It’s not. It’s a thirty-something year old. I still want it to be a teenager. However, I think I’m too far in now that if I take the time to re-write the whole introduction, I will fall behind again.

So what should I do now? (Just thinking out loud here) Oh, I know! I should at least stop distracting myself by writing this blog – and get back to work.

Happy writing!

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