Friday, April 5, 2019

Mimic Octopus

I’m a punked-up
of vintage pill-box hats.
I’m twisted
from a multitude
of copper curios.
I’m a pewter
dragon safeguarding
a trifling gem.
I’m awakened
by sugared ink
& horizontal limits.
I admit
one, a deliberate pledge
some call willy-nilly.
I shapeshift
to protect myself
from restless sweats & threats.
I thrive
in water—
river, ocean, tears.
Every seven years,
I shed & shift
I’m a paper family—
snipped, clipped, and loved,
handled, dropped, and yellowed.

Photo by Many Arms by Julia Freeman-Woolpert
This Octopus Doesn't Live in the Sea

Here is the prompt for Day Three (copied from Writer's Digest):
For today’s prompt, write an animal poem. The poem could be about an animal. Or it could just mention an animal in passing. Or include an animal in your title and fail to mention the animal once in your poem. Your poem, your rules.

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