Tuesday, April 16, 2019

I Saw It Coming

Do not embrace
the days we had.
Those days have
vanished like
an apparition
of a lost
loved one at twilight.
Those days we tread
over famous landscape
paintings, traded
bits of that
which we shared
with no one else,
those days we cannot
cash in
for change.
Those days we’ve
lost; they’ve been

Do not embrace
the days we had.
Do not embrace
my face, it’s different
now—like cedar
bark worn &
chiseled from a wood-
pecker’s beak,
worn from twigs
snapped underfoot.

No, do not embrace
the days we had.
We’ve been gifted
with new days.
the days you have,
embrace your new faces.
And forget me.

Photo of woodpecker by Pedro Ibanez
I've Flown Away

Here is the prompt for Day Fifteen (copied from Writer's Digest):

For today’s prompt, write a prediction poem. Make a prediction. Write about another person’s correct or incorrect prediction. Or, you know, be unpredictable.


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