Monday, April 8, 2019

Canine Rivalry

That old flattened
bed with stuffing erupting
from one side like a giant
puffball mushroom
never looked so cozy
until the new whipper-
snapper of a pup
wriggled her way
nudged the elder pup

Photo of two dogs in a bed by Linda G. Hatton
Sometimes They Share

I don't know why this prompt tripped me up so much. But I wanted to stay in the challenge, so I'm glad I came up with something. Ugh!

Here is the prompt for Day Seven (copied from Writer's Digest):

For today’s prompt, write a jealous poem. Maybe you’re jealous. Or maybe someone else is jealous of you–or someone else. Whether envious of another or suspicious of a partner, dive deep into this emotion today.


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