Friday, November 1, 2013

(It Appears) The Ship Has Landed

This was written for Day 1 of Robert Lee Brewer's November PAD Chapbook Challenge.

Where Astronauts Lift Off

You told me you would
make an appearance
after you lifted off, give me
a sign, a signal, a cue
to take a heavy
breath once your now breath-
less body had arrived
at its new destination,
weightless, where breathing
is not a requirement, where
you can be nowhere
and everywhere all at once.
Your message came by text.
It said you went on the voyage
of a death
time; in space there is no
oxygen. In Heaven, there
is no need.



  1. Meaningful! In our talks before my husband died, we determined he would give me a sign, if such a thing was possible. Love your poem, Linda.