Thursday, November 7, 2013

Is Mid-Life Crisis Real?

Yes, I now understand that it is indeed real, and what it's all about. My train has arrived there. 

Part of the stage I’m going through, I’m sure has been brought on by my entrance into pre-menopause. I feel the “old” slipping away. Some of it is exciting, knowing I’m leaving it all behind to make way for the new. It’s also a little scary. And sad. I have to grieve for what has gone or is going away.

I don’t spend every day thinking about the people in my life who have "died" (literally or figurartively), though I know I write about it a lot. Sometimes I am moved to write a poem about one of them.

I tried some Zentangle this morning (thanks, Sabra, for officially introducing me to that term). Nothing good came out of it. At least no good art, but it got my emotions flowing.  

Wishing Farewell to the Old

I’m Your Paper Doll

My shape has been
captured, a cardboard cut-
out, too stiff to bend, water dis-
integrates me into softened
soggy mess, won’t dry
back the same
as before the flood. Throw
me into a box, an outfit
for each day. Stuck
in that black one
I wore to your



  1. Oh, Linda. This poem is lovely. Sad but lovely.

    Mid-life crisis? I'm there. We Lindas will get through it together. :-)

  2. Thank you, Linda. And glad to know I'm not alone. (LOL! Not to wish this on anyone, of course.) :-D

  3. Beautiful, meaningful poem. Remember the butterfly because she has to struggle to transform. You are in the struggle stage now. One day you will fly. Love those Zentangles!